Churu : The Gateway To Thar

The dusty little 400-year old town of Churu lies on the edge of the Thar Desert in the relatively unexplored region of Shekhawati in the northern part Rajasthan. In the 18th-19th the wealthy and affluent Shekhawati merchants built lavish ornate havelis across this region as a symbol of their prosperity. In recent years, the beautiful havelis and forts of Mandawa and Nawalgarh in this region have gained popularity, but the quaint town of Churu is Shekhawati’s hidden and lesser-known marvel.

Why should you visit Churu?

At first glance Churu seems like any other unassuming Rajasthani town bordering the Thar Desert. As you venture deeper inside the town, you’ll discover that the entire town is dotted with heritage havelis and continues lives in its own time period. Churu’s charm and mystique lies in its grand multi-storeyed havelis decorated gorgeous fresco paintings. These fascinating fresco paintings depicting folk stories, mythological tales, and religious symbols combined with scenes from day to day Rajasthani rural life, make you amaze at the vibrant imagination of their artists. While each haveli in Churu is beautiful in its own way, the Kanhaiya Lal Bagla ki Haveli, Surana Haveli, Sneh Ram Ladia Haveli are must visit.


Along with the havelis, Churu’s star attraction is its opulent Jain Temple in the heart of the town. Churu’s Jain Temple is designed in an eclectic style that blends Neoclassical Italian and Victorian architectural styles with Rajasthani elements. This temple is adorned with marvellous golden themed fresco paintings along with intricate glasswork, colourful lights, chessboard style flooring, and massive crystal chandeliers.

Churu is also home to its very own stunning Hawa Mahal with 1111 windows and doors. The 120-year-old Sethani ka Johara (a water reservoir) bordered by pretty chattris (dome shaped pavilions) is a picturesque spot to watch the sunset, relax, and sip on a cup of chai.


But Churu is not all about heritage; you can explore the glorious golden Thar Desert on a jeep or camel safari.  Wildlife lovers can take a safari in the Talchhapar Sanctuary (90km from Churu) famous for the endangered blackbuck.


Churu is situated at just 250km from Delhi and easily accessible by road and rail, making it a perfect gateway near Delhi. Well-connected, safe, and unexplored Churu is an ideal offbeat destination for backpacking and solo travelling.

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One thought on “Churu : The Gateway To Thar

  1. I loved your pictures and how beautifully you have described the place. Rajasthan is a lovely state with so many unknown spectacular cities. Sadly, these places are rarely frequented by tourists. There’s so much to see in the small towns!


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