She Travels Solo : 10 loved destinations by Female Travellers across the world

Solo travelling is a delightfully self-indulgent experience, an opportunity to try something new, meet people, and ultimately to enjoy freedom at its best. However solo travelling as a woman is often considered challenging and an unsafe experience. There are two primary concerns for female travellers for choosing any destination to travel – Safety and how welcoming are people of place you want to visit to female travellers. So here’s our list of 10 destinations that are loved by women travellers for their beauty, charm, safety, and incredible hospitality.


With stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, good public transport, lip-smacking cuisine, beautiful temples and monasteries, and warm friendly people, Thailand is the perfect destination for a female solo traveller. There’s something for everyone in Thailand – from virgin beaches to tropical jungles to rocking parties.


Why do women travellers love Thailand? It is cheap, friendly, and easy to move around within the country.


Often considered as ‘Paris of Eastern Europe, Budapest is one of Europe’s most alluring cities. Budapest is vibrant, energetic, extremely welcoming, and safe, making it a popular destination among women travellers. Budapest offers beautiful heritage architecture, thermal spas, cosy cafes, delicious local cuisine, happening nightlife, charming little cobblestone lanes, and a rich culture all accompanied with warm hospitality and good budget accommodation options.


Why do women travellers love Budapest? Budapest is a hot favourite destination of women travellers because it is a safe, friendly, well-connected historic and cultural city offering the best of Europe but at a much cheaper cost.


Rajasthan is one of India’s most beautiful states known for its soul stirring culture, heritage, hospitality, and imposing forts and palaces. Rajasthan offers a complete package with blend of nature, wildlife, history, art and culture, and of course the glorious shifting dunes of the Thar Desert.


Why do women travellers love Rajasthan? Women travellers love Rajasthan primarily for its safety as compared to other Indian states. Other than safety, Rajasthan never fails to impress with its friendly hospitality, fantastic stay options for all budgets, culture and heritage, and most importantly its magnificent historic sites.

New Zealand

Most travellers get drawn to New Zealand after watching the beautiful natural setting of the Lord of the Rings films. New Zealand is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers; it offers exceptionally scenic beaches, glaciers, rainforests and majestic mountain ranges along with some of the craziest adventure sports in the world. What furthermore attracts women travellers to New Zealand is that you can meet some of the friendliest and most open-minded people.


Why do women travellers love New Zealand?  New Zealand is perfect to soak in some nature, get an adrenalin rush, and meet great people along the way, a major plus for solo travellers in general.


The tropical paradise of Bali is ideal for some soul searching. Bali offers a combination of friendly and welcoming people, mesmerising natural beauty, rich visual culture, and to add to it yoga, spas, inexpensive accommodation, and organic eateries.


Why do women travellers love Bali? Bali has a great backpacking culture. You can never be alone in Bali; you are bound to meet some fascinating characters from across the world here. Bali is perhaps one of the world’s safest, friendliest, and spiritual places.


Believed to be the happiest country in the world, Bhutan is a beautiful unexplored Himalayan country steeped in rich Buddhist culture. The Bhutanese are known to be friendly, helpful, and respectful towards women.


Why do women travellers love Bhutan? Bhutan is great place to experience simple laid-back life, Buddhist spirituality, and a unique culture.


Melbourne is a popular backpacking heaven thanks to city’s gorgeous beaches, a lively modern city life, artistic culture, superb food, and best shopping in Australia. Melbourne is extremely easy to get around because of short distances and efficient public transport.


Why do women travellers love Melbourne? Women travellers love Melbourne for its safety, connectivity, and ultimately for the experiences it offers with its artsy and boho culture, free festivals, and hipster neighbourhoods.


Barcelona is a quirky, hip, and funky city that is famous for its backpacking culture. It’s vibrant city life, Mediterranean climate, azure beaches, eating culture, architecture, and easy to navigate public transportation system makes it big hit among women solo travellers.


Why do women travellers love Barcelona? Barcelona attracts lots solo female travellers each year thanks its fantastic Mediterranean culture and lifestyle, friendly people, and easy accessibility.


While female solo travellers in general love Europe, Amsterdam with its chilled-out vibe is perhaps their favourite. The city is surrounded by breathtaking architecture, renowned museums, canals, and not to mention its world famous pubs and clubs. With so much to explore and to do, you can never get bored here; just hop on your cycle and go wandering.


Why do women travellers love Amsterdam? Women travellers love Amsterdam for the sheer option of things to do there. Amsterdam is also home to some of the best pubs, restaurants, and museums in the world, easy to move around, and a great place to meet new people.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the ideal destination if you just want to relax, enjoy some sun and sand, go surfing, and explore tropical forests. Once considered as an unsafe destination, Costa Rica has transformed itself as one of the safest and friendliest Latin American countries for backpacking, especially for solo female travellers. Moreover, the cheaper accommodation and convenient public and private transportation are added advantage.


Why do women travellers love Costa Rica?  Solo female travellers love Costa Rica because its one of the safest Latin American countries, has some of the best beaches in the world, and offers cheap accommodation, cafes, and adventure options.

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