He Travels Solo: 10 Most Loved Destinations by Male Travellers Across the World

Whether it is a road trip with your best friends or solo journey in the Himalayas, travelling undoubtedly creates a lasting impression on you. For most men (and women too!) travelling means an adrenalin kick, the beginning of a memorable adventure, and a chance to meet some fun people along the way. There are many articles on the places women love to travel to, but few talk about the destinations men love to explore. Men love to explore destinations that have fun things to do (adventure, party, good food, pretty women, new experiences), easy transportation, friendly locals, and of course safety. Here’s our list of top 10 destinations are men love!


Bangkok – Why men love it?

There are no guesses for this one; Bangkok is a dude magnet. While in Bangkok men love to visit popular clubs and karaoke bars, party all night, savour street food, go shopping, may be visit Bangkok’s infamous red light area, and perhaps indulge in ‘happy-ending’ massages. Being an inexpensive party destination, Bangkok is the best bachelor party getaway.


Prague – Why men love it?

Men love Prague because it offers all the charms of a historic city during the day but in the night it transforms into one of Europe’s wildest party destinations. Here men can explore the city’s historic sites by the day, and in the evening spend hours lazily drinking world’s finest beers, visit the city’s popular strip clubs, dance all night in some of Europe’s largest clubs, and try absinthe (a strong alcoholic drink that was once banned) in city’s pubs.


Las Vegas –Why men love it?

It’s not for nothing that Las Vegas is often called as City of Sin; Las Vegas is the ultimate city of debauchery. Here men can party, gamble, drink, and eat to their heart’s content. And that’s not all; men love Las Vegas for its notorious strip clubs. It is no wonder that Las Vegas is a hot favourite destination of men for a wild brocation.


Gold Coast, Australia – Why men love it?

Men looking for an adrenalin kick love Gold Coast, Australia’s backpacking heaven and adventure capital. Here they can indulge in adventure packed activities like biking, hiking, bungee jumping, sky diving, paddling, surfing, diving, and explore stunning rainforests. In the end men love Gold Coast because it is a delicious cocktail of beaches, vibrant nightlife, and adventure.


Rio de Janeiro- Why men love it?

Rio de Janeiro is all about beaches, parties, women and football! It’s as if the city was built for men. Men love Rio for its famous 5-day Carnival that is filled with luscious semi-naked women dancing to some amazing music. At Rio, men love to indulge in delicious food and drinks, dance all night in its world famous funk dance clubs, watch football matches, and just chill on the beach. Rio is like one giant bachelor party.

Rio Carniva

New York City – Why men love it?

Men love New York City because it ticks all the boxes they seek in a city escape – culture, food, nightlife, women, and art. At New York men can explore the city during the day and in the evening hit the city’s iconic restaurants, clubs, go bar hopping in the city that never sleeps.


Ibiza – Why men love it?

For most men Ibiza is a paradise party island. Here they can hit the beaches full of European babes, attend all-day boat parties in the Mediterranean Sea, and relish lip-smacking seafood. But most of all men love the electronic music dance clubs at Ibiza (they are the best in world). At Ibiza, the party never stops.


Rome – Why men love it?

There’s so much to do in the historic city of Rome apart from visiting its heritage sites. While in Rome men love to explore its cosy cafes where they can indulge in delicious Italian food, meet fashionable Roman women, feel manly taking gladiator lessons at the Gladiator School, and attend a festival on Tiber Island (in summer).


Miami – Why men love it?

Miami is like a party playground for men. Miami’s legendary beach parties, luxury resorts, clubs and bars, beautiful American and Latina women, energetic nightlife, water sports, gourmet restaurants are what draws men to Miami.


Cabo, Mexico – Why men love it?

Cabo in Mexico is the ultimate beach destination for a solo male traveller or even brocation. This beach town is all about water sports, ATVs, tequila, beaches, and parties. Men get an adrenalin rush with activities like diving, surfing, zip lining, kayaking, hiking, deep-sea fishing, or just simply be a beach bum. In the evenings, Cabo comes alive with its famous beach parties and happening club.s


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