Chilling at Billing

Bir, is a small Tibetan town with a number of monasteries and diverse tea gardens. On this weekend trip, we travelled to Bir Billing and it’s indeed the road less taken.


As soon as the wheels moved, the conversations began to roll. The excitement and curiosity was taking over the atmosphere.

We bonded over food. And there we left for the awaited move. Started from Delhi, we had intense conversations and the chilled ones too. Played Question in a Question game which totally changed the wave.

As the dawn approached, tea at some random Dhaba was mandatory!

Morn rose, and so did the sun. We switched on the roads that grew closer towards the empty plots and bridges. But what is a journey without twists? And unexpectedly one traveler left the phone on charging at the Dhaba. We traveled all the way back to get it. 


Singing songs all the way, bus gushing through the trees; we reached Palampur.

Tea gardens, paragliding sights everything seemed so serene. Coming to think of it, it takes you back to the paradise. 


Finally, we arrived at our hotel, freshened up and left to explore Bir.


Excited taste buds ordered so much food that it became impossible to finish it all. Infact, we ended up storing some pizza for the night. Post hogging, we went on foot to see the scenic offering at Bir, which was indeed priceless. Though it was so dark at 6:30, we managed to click a lot of pictures. 


We thought of having a bonfire and ended up with Alcohol and snacks too. Sharing and discussing ghost stories, discussing funny and not so funny experiences; created a whole new session. Dinner was aromatic and mouthwatering; we called it a night and rested for an energetic morning.

Early morning, we planned to go for breakfast. We hiked to the Garden Café, which was actually mesmerizing. Oranges hanging from the trees, flowers all around and a beautiful book shelf; what more one can ask for? Actually one can and so did we. Entered our way the Delicious pancakes, refreshing tea and juicy sandwiches- heavenly.  Heartwarming places like these are so irreplaceable.


A small walk around before we left for Paragliding by heading towards Billing. Ride to Billing was actually mind boggling. The way was quite alike a spiral, imagine one around the hill. So as the car rushed, we moved the same direction. Cracking jokes, mocking each other and of course clicking pictures.


Billing is the paragliding hub. It’s highly elevated, enabling you to see ice capped mountains above and waving green trees below. In no time, we were right up in the queue waiting for our turn to fly.

And one after another, the gliders were in the air. Paragliding is one experience which can’t be described in words. One has to live it to know it. Waving with the air, along the air pressure; you can feel the air passing through. As the glider rises the air becomes colder and then slowly after swaying in the air for about 20-25 minutes, it landed.


We moved towards Palpung Sherabling Monastery; witnessed peaceful and majestic surroundings. A school to several monks from different parts of the world, it’s a beauty in itself. The Shrine of Buddha, the palace like appearance and a courtroom like a king’s, that’s how the interiors are. Over 100 monks praying, the sound of drums engaging you in a spiritual way. The sculptures and paintings on the ceilings and walls triggering your spiritual and pure self. Ah! Serenity in disguise.

dsc_0036m (1)

After a tranquil experience, we rushed to Taragarh Palace. It is a classy and picturesque Hotel, with a small museum in it. The old fashioned décor, long balconies and stairs are an asset to this place. We explored the place and left for Delhi there on. Talking through the drive, we played Antakshari and stopped by for Dinner. Though the last meal together but it didn’t seem like one, for we promised to stay connected. That’s how connections built over the weekend, felt like one that has been since ages and will last for ages.


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