Five Reasons Why You Should Live Your Travel Dreams

If there is one thing you should quit this New Years, it should be the habit of postponing your travel needs and dreams. There is a reason why they are your dreams and there is a reason why you are still alive. And that reason is to live, to live out all your dreams and then create some more.

Leaving that one reason aside, there are plenty more to fight your inner devil procrastinator.

Reason #1Your Dreams Are A Product of Your Needs– Whoever said that we work to satisfy our needs said it right. Use that hard earned money to grab something intangible too, something that doesn’t wear out and stays with you throughout. Gift yourself an experience of a lifetime.


Reason #2Time Doesn’t Wait For Anyone– Before you know it, your skin will be shredding ages of struggle. The proof of your hard work, will start showing on that mirror on the wall. But would you see the proof of your happy youth, a youth lived satisfactorily? Invest in your happiness, invest in your dreams.


Reason #3You Only Live Once– That statement is one hundred percent false. You live as many times as you are happy. You live as many times as you live your dreams. Don’t miss on your dreams. Don’t miss on your life.


Reason #4They Call It Bucket-list For A Reason– If there was an eternity to live, things would have been different. Because it is a bucket, there is only so much you can fill. You must also keep putting off contents before they go stale. Your bucket-list is your own creation, so value it.

meg travel map - pics

Reason #5There Is Nothing Better Than The Feeling Of Owning Your Life– Living life on others terms is a vile way of living anyway. Knowing you are living your dreams, doing something you have been wanting to do since long, with like- minded people, gives you a sense of pride, confidence and existence.


So, next time you decide to postpone and put off those highly desired dreams, remember there is always WeTravelSolo, connecting you with people just like you and to the places in your bucket-list. Above all, know that you have only one life to live and only one person to live it for and that person should be, you.


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