Awkward Travel Silence Be Damned

We travel to experience brilliance around us, to admire the natural beauty, to loose ourselves in the mellows and bring back the child in us. To travel is to brood, it is a rush, a bliss that leaves you bewildered with its effects.

Sometimes, all this rush and brood leaves us speechless, and at others, it’s the lack of words that does the thing. Being silent is a way of communicating with yourself, true, but when that silence becomes a behavior and turns awkward, you should know it is time to act.
So, when it comes to the awkward travel silence, we say, ‘Damn It!’ and speak your heart out. Be it about the sky or changing weather, the sand and its heat, the food and its kind, simply anything.


Talking lets you enjoy the place even more. It lets you feel not just the presence of another body but presence of a soul, too. So, here we have devised a list of conversation starters for shooting that awkward travel silence right in the head.
“What is next on your Bucket-list?” See if anything on their bucket-list matches yours and dang, you will have your bucket-place sorted.
“If you find a genie who could teleport you to any place you wish, where will you go?” there is nothing that can excite a traveler more than his travel desires. Who knows he has all the key ingredients of being your travel soulmate!
“Do you think birds have accents? I am sure Lions do!” See if they could catch the glitch.
“What’s the best surprise you have received?” Nothing gets someone feel better than a surprise and reminding them of it, is certainly going to set them chirping. Besides, you’ll get cool new ideas of surprising your favorite one too. It’s a win-win.
“I like/don’t like your watch/shoes/cap. Where did you buy it from?” You could end up talking fashion and how you like it/hate it.
“Do you think series are better than movies?” This question can open a whole new demography of questions like, what is your favorite movie/series, favorite actors, which one is better, Indian or international et al.
“You have something on your head!” If nothing else, it can ensue an action.
And the best one,
“What do you think we should talk about?”
Let the adrenaline flow to keep you charged up. There’s a lot to talk about then you can ever imagine. With lots of long weekends this new year, you surely should have the starters handy. Better damn the silence than feel awkward!

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